Located in the heart of the capital Stonehenge Ecommerce is a service oriented company established with the purpose of rendering the specific facility of online bus ticket booking on PAN India basis. The company is registered in Delhi and renders its services in the different states of the country.

Within a very short span of time, it has been successful in achieving its goal of launching the most awaiting and useful bus ticket booking online platform for the million of the commuters traveling by buses. It has been observed that the thousands of the daily passengers are required to face the unbearable problem in covering the distances by bus.

The state government in the every state has failed to facilitate and meet the growing requirement of the buses on the widest network of buses. The conditions of the passengers are very pity. The young, the old, the children, students, women, girls, the handicapped, the physically challenged, are forced to use the crowded buses to reach the desired destinations. The frequency of the buses is also a big challenge.

With the launch of the online bus ticket booking source famous by the brand name ‘runBus’, there came a big and considerable change in the way the people traveled using the bus services. It really proved like a miracle for the thousands of the commuters suffering due to the pitiful condition of the buses on the various routes.

The launch of runBus made the advance and same day booking of the tickets online easy and hassle free. The online tickets for the varied routes can be booked with the great ease and the journey by bus can be enjoyed with family and friends. It has covered many routes and is in the constant process of adding new routes. The purpose is to cover the maximum regions in the varied states in the nation.

The recognized company Stonehenge Ecommerce is purely engaged in marketing and promotion of the e-commerce platform runBus. It has achieved remarkable success in the defined timeframe. It is doing well and the constant improvement can be noticed. The response received is satisfactory.

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